Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A Walk in the Park

I met up with three birder friends at Wallkill National Wildlife Refuge this morning when the temps were a very brisk 28 F.  Properly bundled, and armed with spotting scope, binoculars and camera (me) we set off to walk around the marsh.  It was seeming to be rather slow but enjoyable.  And then the Bald Eagle who'd been watching us from his perch decided to take off and fly very low over the marsh, flushing what was easily 1,000 ducks!  Quite a sight and I'm convinced the eagle did it just for his own amusement.  I will put a shot in Extra in which you can see 100's of ducks and one eagle.

We came back with just over 30 species, thoroughly chilled but also invigorated.  And on my way home, I stopped and dropped my Nikon D750 camera body in the post to Nikon Repair.  You'll remember that I dropped it on Day 2 in Colombia.  Turns out that the rider on our homeowner's insurance will pay for it - what luck!

Jax is continuing to endear himself to us, notwithstanding the accidents in the house.  Last night I was playing with him, running around the house, playing catch, etc and he suddenly stopped right in the kitchen and popped!  Yuck.  So that meant a cease of play while I took him out and then dealt with the aftermath.  Note to self:  when intense play takes place, take Jax outside right away.  And today he had a little piddle on one of his beds which is now in the dryer.  

He has stopped barking at the printer, thankfully.  Apparently he viewed it as a dangerous enemy that spat out paper and therefore needed to be dealt with.  And he seems to have almost stopped growling at the cats although he is still both curious and cautious.  

Tomorrow I am going to try hard to get through the rest of my Colombia pictures - I think I have around 600 left to look at, but maybe a few more.  I am trying to be brutal in deleting anything that isn't up to par.  Not easy.

Plain, perfect dark today.


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