Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Rim Lighting

In general, I am not a big fan of rim-lighting on birds.  But I was in a hurry today and the birds only seem interested in landing with the sun behind them which resulted in every image having rim lighting.  So, today I am just going to embrace it.  This is an American Goldfinch male who is almost fully molted into his rather plain winter wardrobe.  

I have been a bit draggy today, the results of yesterday's flu and pneumonia jabs.  In fact, Jax and I had a little nap together.  I lay down on the rug next to his bed and he just snuggled right next to me and started snoring.  Awwwwwww

We can see him settling in more and more each day.  This morning he was full of play and roaring all over the house with classic puppy "zoomies".  Then he's out cold for a nap before we start all over again.  So far, no accidents in the house today - although the day isn't over.  We are upping the game by giving him loads of praise and a food reward when he does his business outside.  He'll learn.  

I had a lovely video visit with HillyBlips this morning - it was so good to hear her voice and see her face.  Even got to say a quick hello to her Hubs, too!  Looking forward to going to Costa Rica with her next spring.  After that I had a nice chat with my niece and got caught up on all their news.  Hoping to get down to see them in December - and she wants us to bring Jax.  

Sticking with the dark with sea salt and caramel today - the last square.  


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