Caveman Cave

Today I set myself a challenge. 

I am going to take one picture a day and upload to a social-media-photo-sharing website.

How about that for a concept?

I am disillusioned with my photography. I have got lazy, relying largely on the convenience of the smart phone. And compromising on care, and quality.

So my challenge to me is to use a camera. Each day. And take serious pictures. 

No compromise with quantity over quality and fancy apps to make a pig's ear out of a sow's purse. Or something.

Today's blip is a study of the fancy window in our mancave turkey shed. Condemned to the bonfire this diabolical, cobwebbed, woodwormed structure is the stuff of nightmares. It's got to go.

But not before I get some pictures to record it for posterity. I hope this is not a temporary blip. 

Have a great weekend everyone. And stay safe. 

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