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By walkingMarj

Forget me not

Feeling a bit maudlin today for no particular reason. I've been printing photos for my homework, ready for the class on Thursday. I have to produce 6 abstract prints and 6 on the North Yorkshire coast.

I took Arth to Cramlington for our physio session. I've made progress with building up the medial quadriceps but Arth remains swollen and a bit hot and bothered. I'm going to ask the surgeon for a scan to see what is going on in there.

The garden is beginning to look very colourful, so I picked a few flowers and used them for my blip. This tiny jug was bought in Edinburgh by my parents during their honeymoon in 1948. Prior to this they had seen only utility ware, but in Edinburgh there was china and pottery for the export market. Mum and Dad bought a small tea set. I've always loved it so it was nice to use the jug in this image.

Good memories but tinged with sadness.

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