Life through the lens...

By ValC

Hanging on.

The copper beech tree has shed it’s leaves, but there are still one or two beech nuts hanging on. There haven’t been as many this year so the squirrels won’t be pleased.

Managed to get through to British Gas and book the annual service. Was very surprised they offered us this Thursday, but as we are out walking with the Pudseys, have booked it for Friday afternoon instead.

The rest of the afternoon I have been making a large pan of winter vegetable soup, which will do for 4 meals. Also some cottage pie filling. Again will do for three meals.
Tonight we are having Yorkshire puddings ( mixture resting in the fridge) filled with venison casserole as I had some left from Sunday. Not enough for a full meal, but have mixed it with more gravy and will serve them with buttered cabbage. Like to use up leftovers, although we don’t often have any!

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