Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Blood Moon

With tons of assistance from Reno brother, who always gives me suggestions for settings, etc. The shot I got is virtually identical to his. I figured I should post it now because I’m going around saying blip snap without having posted my blip. That’s kinda weird.


What did scientists say when they found a skeleton on the moon?
The cow didn’t make it.

What do astronomers say when they get tired of watching the revolution of the moon around the earth?
Let’s call it a day.

Why is the man in the moon bald?
Because he doesn’t have any ‘air.

What did the cheese say to the moon?
Nothing. Cheese doesn’t talk.

When does the moon not want to go outside?
When it is waning.

What is a lunar insect called?
A lunar-tick.

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