By jenH

My Best friend's wedding!! ( invitation )

MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!! And she wants ME to be maid of honor!! I have been on a high all day after receiving this in the post this morning! My best friend Chloe is amazing and we've known each other since we were 2...we always imagined I would get married first...guess she beat me to it! Haha...she really deserves an amazing day...Carlo her fiancé is perfect for her I couldn't imagine her being with anyone but him...I will be holding her hand every step of the way and I will most definitely be the one standing next to her on her big day balling my eyes out!!

Lewey and Annabelle had cute little cards through the post also asking them to be flower girl and page heart melted!! Lewey being the true gent he is rang up "aunt Chloe" and said yes to bring page boy and then Annabelle piped up "me too!!"

Well what can I say! Today has quite honestly been one of the best days in a long time! I'm so proud of my Chloe and her fiancé Carlo! Couldn't have picked a more perfect couple!

Now to end in words from Chloe herself: I couldn't say I do with out you! <3

Over and out
Jen x
P.s sorry I have been silent these last couple days....annabelle has had such a horrible cold it has knocked her for 6 but she is feeling a lot better today! ( yay! )

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