By PicturePoems

Alstroemeria among other things...

It's been a lovely day. Not the weather so much, although it did remain warm and dry. Began with getting Wordle in two - first time for a while. Then a quiet, restful morning of domestic stuff, such as changing the sheets. This afternoon, Mrs B and LMB came over to ours straight from Nursery - where the little tots had successfully kept a two-minute silence at 11.00am on 11/11 in honour of Armistice Day.

It was so lovely to see them. LMB put her boots back on almost as soon as she'd taken them off and headed into the garden. So, of course, I went, too, and we did some light gardening. (See my Extra of LMB showing me a red leaf that she'd taken a shine to!) We also picked MORE raspberries - a small bowlful AND our little wonder-girl spotted a butterfly in a tree. I couldn't see it, till she gently shook the branch and off it flew. She is sooo observant.

After we'd had lunch (and raspberries), our daughter went and had a lie down, while Mr PP and I took LMB to the village park, just up the road. We must have been there an hour, she was having such fun. We loved watching and joining in her games. She's very ambitious when it comes to the play equipment, and will have a go at balancing on chains, and suchlike, that is clearly designed for older children. As she edged along sideways, she told us she was moving like a crab (also in Extras). We lured her back to Mummy with the promise of coriander (her face lit up!) and Smarties (they're OK, too)!

Her other granny popped round before they left, so she enjoyed a two-granny-hug on departure. (We grannies and Gramps had a chat - out of her hearing - on how to share the care-programme when Mrs B disappears for a few nights.)

It's a while since I joined in Flower Friday, so here are the bought alstroemeria in our kitchen, with home-grown apples! Thanks to challenge host, Anni/BikerBear.

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