David J. Rose

By djrose007

Blipmeet today on Horse Guards Parade

After missing her last year I finally got to Blipmeet with Terrifo (Terri) with her Military Police veteran friends.
I think it's a great shame that, as the columns are marching off, all the columns get applause from the other veteran groups, but the Military Police get booed!
It's actually a bit of a tradition, and the red capped/bereted Police veterans have a laugh at it. still think it's a shame though.

So, after meeting we all had to stand around on Horse Guards Parade for ages, from about 09:00 to 10:30, when we are marched, in columns, out onto Whitehall (see couple of extras).
There we do more standing around until the 2 minutes silence, the service and wreath laying, and then we all march off in very orderly columns, all 10,000 of us!
It's a wonderful day for meeting old friends and comrades, some of whom I served with in Masirah and Singapore.
I also met a Flight Sergeant that Julia has mentioned before, and that we met at one of her ceremonies. Also an Extra. Julia says he is a lovely man and the nicest of the RAF Police that she knows.
I included a picture of my bike too, as I rode down to London, got there about 08:30 after leaving home at 05:30. Terrible mist and fog over the Cotswolds and the Chilterns (Stokenchurch - High Wycombe area).

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