By mollyblobs

Exhibition -Day 2

Remembrance Sunday dawned dank and foggy. Kathryn, Martin and I arrived on site around 10 and were already to open up the exhibition after having observed the two minute silence at 11 a.m. We weren't really expecting many people to come today, but our first visitors arrived about ten minutes after we'd opened, and we had a steady throughput for the whole of the day. In the end we welcomed about sixty guests, which meant that approximately 140 people came over the course of the weekend to see in our exhibition held in a small cabin in the middle of a nature reserve!

By the time it was approaching four o'clock, Kathryn and I were pretty exhausted -  I'd discovered that exhibitions involve many wonderful conversations but also an awful lot of standing! Cashing up and packing everything away took about another ninety minutes, so I finally got home about six. For the first time this winter the country lanes felt a bit treacherous with some unexpected patches of very dense fog.

Pete had cooked a tasty chicken stew for dinner and I headed off to bed soon afterwards, scarcely able to keep my eyes open! 

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