By mollyblobs

Exhibition Day 1

After a rather sleepless night, Kathryn, Martin and I were on site by 8.30 a.m. to do all the final preparations for the exhibition. While Kathryn and Martin put up banners and roped off dangerous rabbit holes, I hoovered the cabin from top to bottom to remove all the spider's webs and mice droppings. We just had time to wash the mugs and lay out the cakes before the first visitors arrived.

After a bit of a slow start people started to stream in, and apart from a short lunchtime lull we were busy all day. At least eighty people visited and some of them stayed for a couple of hours, relaxing and chatting in the glorious and very unseasonable sunshine with tea and cake. We had wide ranging conversations and I was very surprised to sell quite a few images, including four large prints to one family.

Sarah treated us to a Turkish takeaway in the evening, which was a break from creating more prints to replace the gaps from Saturday's sales, and to replenish my stock of photo cards. 

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