By Mikey88


Heard an item on the news this morning that a yacht competing in an international race had grounded on a beach just outside Plymouth, so I thought I would go and have a look.

Sure enough, there was a fairly large yacht on its side near the top of the beach a long way from the sea. A man, who I assume was the skipper, was laying out cables down to the water, which they would use in an attempt to refloat the yacht when the tide came in.

I haven't heard what happened yet, nor any details of which competition it was. I was going to blip a picture of the boat, but it was not very exciting - just a yacht lying on its side under the cliffs.

As I was walking down to the beach, the stonechat (pictured) put in an appearance and posed for a few minutes giving me a chance to get several shots. I felt it was much better than the yacht picture.

I didn't stay very long - the weather was pretty miserable, especially when compared to the last couple of days.

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