Red-tailed Hawk

Not a picturesque perch--at the top of a utility pole at Mass Audubon's Arcadia Sanctuary in Northampton. Probably a regular outpost; he stayed for at least 15 minutes, so I was really able to line this one up from close at hand.

In the afternoon we drove to Westport, Mass, for my evening presentation on the Galapagos to the Paskamansett Bird Club. It's at least the tenth Galapagos show I've given (starting after the first of my three trips,in 2006), and it was really fun; the audience was great. Allens Pond is nearby, where I've done most of my piping plover shots, starting in 2005; here's one.

Blips from my last Galapagos trip (two weeks in July 2010) start here.

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