The second half of life..

By twigs

Sweet things & busy bees

When the sun was shining brightly and rain clouds were nowhere to be seen, it was an easy decision to make to go for a ride.  Into town around the waterfront was a bit hard going with the strong wind but the coffee of Yazza Cafe made it worthwhile.  It was supposed to rain in the afternoon and the wind certainly got up a bit more to suggest some change in the air, so it was an easy decision too to mow the lawns when I returned from the ride.  I could almost hear the grass singing, though not so the daisies who are showing signs of collapse following the spraying almost 2 weeks ago.  It was hot and sweaty work but it felt soooooo good to get it done.  Showered and cleaned up then headed to school to do a little more work towards the remaining exams.  

These pics were taken on the drive home, past the local Enza site where local apples & pears are packed for export and distribution.  I actually stopped to capture some starlings who were enjoying the flax pollen but they disappeared before I could capture them.  Instead, these boxes and a few bees who were also enjoying the flax pollen became my subjects (extras).  They're not great shots, but check out those 'saddlebags' of pollen those bees are carrying!  Impressive stuff.

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