A walk in the pinewoods

A frost again this morning, but just a light one - not enough to decorate the trees! We drove to the Glenmore Visitor Centre where we set off on the 3.5 mile loop through the pine forest to the Green Lochan.The path took us through a mixture of ancient pines, 200-300 years old, and younger seedling regrowth. We eventually arrived at the Green Lochan, which appears to be green partly because of algae in the water and partly because of the reflection of the surrounding pines.

We took the easy, straight route back, passing and catching up with quite a few walkers. I think many walkers go in and out this way because it's easier, but it's far less spectacular.

Arriving back at the Visitor Centre we drove up the mountain road to the top car park, where the Mountain Railway would run from if it was running! We parked at the roadside among the herd of reindeer - the only free-ranging herd in the UK. They're quite tame and some of them will be brought down to Oban on Saturday for our Christmas Lights ceremony.

On the way back we stopped at Loch Morlich where we could look across the loch to the snowy tops and the road where we had not long been. There's a huge flock or whatever of ducks along the shore here who no doubt are spoilt by the large numbers of visitors who come here in the summer.

One last stop off at the Loch Garten Nature Reserve where we watched the sun go down over the water. A great day out - we've been so lucky!

Quote of the day:

In every class of society, gratitude is the rarest of all human virtues. Wilkie Collins - The Haunted Hotel.

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