By suehutton

Sedum seedhead in an echinoderm

Pain from the fall has now concentrated on the right hand side of the pelvis, a bit too near the hip for my liking, but I can walk OK. Sarah, the therapist rang. Had I got an ambulance to hospital? Not bloody likely on a Friday night when they're queuing at A and E. Perhaps I should contact a GP.

Len had a tooth out and consequently was missing in action most of the day. I have put together a veggie and feta tray bake which is currently baking in the oven. Hope it tastes as good as it looked.

We are sitting in the cold. Something in the heating system has packed up. I've contacted HomeServe since we are still in the guarantee period for the new boiler but goodness knows when someone will turn up to fix it. I think, THINK, the convector heater is taking the chill off.

I'd wanted to take a photo of this sedum seedhead. What to prop it up in? Ah yes, the exoskeleton of a sea urchin.

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