By KCNQ2Haiku

Winter sky :-)

Looked for a blackbird,
saw a magpie, he scarpered.
So here's the dusk sky.

I have been stalking the trees and garden with my camera today, to no avail.  I even took my camera when I went to fetch Ben this afternoon, hoping for something interesting to present itself.  I was taken by surprise by a magpie but I deemed him not sufficiently interesting and then was covered with regret when nothing else materialised! So you're left with this  tree that I can see from our garden, I thought it had a lovely wintery sky behind. I do love the colour of the sky when it gets really cold, almost like it might snow.  Makes you want to get cosy!
Not much news to report though, I've been really busy with chasing appointments, catching up phone calls with with family and governor emails.  School run was very trafficky this morning and staff pulled me in for a quick chat about Ben's current obsession with PCs and what we can do to help him with it.  The answer is nobody knows :-/  I'm also still brainstorming how to use the outreach/Personal assistant hours we've been allocated for Ben.  There are no care agencies with any availability locally and I can't find anyone sufficiently qualified or willing to take on the level of training who is interested in the sort of salary the council will offer, so we're still stuck with the paperwork saying they've awarded us support but no actual support in place. So frustrating.  Anyway, half way through the week, everything seems to be on fast forward at the moment!

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