By Lsquare

A Tale of Three Asters

I went out on a short walk for Flower Friday without much hope of finding something decent to photograph.  The only flowers I had seen in the past several days were somewhat the worse for wear as it has been cold, overcast and rainy.  I should have had more faith in the hardiness of flowers here in Central Texas.  I found three different types of Asters according to my identifier app.  On the left of the trio was the most unfamiliar to me, the Saltmarsh Aster.  In the middle is the Late Purple Aster.  On the right is Climbing Aster.  If you know something different than what my app tells me, you can let me know.  I also found some False Garlic and Bastard Cabbage, but I have used those before so I decided not to use them today, I was puzzled about where the Saltmarsh variety of Aster might have come from, but when I told my husband where I had found them, he said that he thought they probably came in with the fill dirt that was used in the latest round of construction at an intersection near there.  They were definitely smaller than the other two types.  Thanks to Biker Bear for hosting......

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