By suehutton

Parting with Pennies

As Colin says, fund-raising gets harder. St Botolph's Church needs to find £0.5 million to repair its roof but it's not going to do it by holding little events like the annual Christmas Fair. The stalls are smaller, they sell less and I think the function of the fair is to make people THINK they're doing something worthwhile rather than rolling in the cash. At least you could pay contactless.

We went up to the church hall after coffee at Finkins to join Colin, who was 'on duty.' At least it was a pleasant sunny day after all of this week's rain. The Soar Valley is covered with water. Several roads are closed.

I have finally solved the secret of staying warm in bed at night. Don thermal vest and long johns beneath your pjs. Back pain is still intense but getting less by degrees.

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