ANOTHER GOOD DAY... the Community Fridge today.  We were being filmed today by a company called “The Fuelcast” who are producing a documentary showcasing what Baptist churches are doing around the country to help people in their local communities.   When this is completed, it will be used as a resource tool so that other Churches can see what can be done, not only in their own Churches, but also by tapping into being more environmentally friendly by saving food from going into landfill, in all parts of the UK.

It was a really busy morning - the Fuelcast Team, arrived at 10 o’clock, and consisted of Dan, on the camera, who was dashing around and being told where to go to get the best shots by Andy, who said he prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it and Laura, who was the most glamorous of the three, it has to be said, who was taking notes and lining up the various shots throughout the morning.  They were a fabulous team and made everyone feel at ease and we we did keep them well supplied with coffee and cake!  

I chatted to Andy to ask more about The Fuelcast and having looked at their website, which is here, I can see that there are lots of resources that might be useful when I or anyone else is leading the services at Church.  You can even sign up to receive a free inspirational discipleship video every weekday of the year, which according to their website will: “Strengthen your faith and help you live the more abundant life you were made for.  When it comes to our Christian lives, many of us are running on empty. The conviction, confidence and passion we once had is running out.  What we need is fuel...”   It sounds good to me and as I have said before, who doesn’t love a freebie?

Several of the volunteers were videoed and in between chatting to Andy, Laura and Dan, we still had to find time to chat to the customers who came into the café, sort out the fridge and freezer, finish off the jobs that needed to be done, and most of all, keep smiling!  Actually the last thing isn’t difficult because many of us recognise those who come in and enjoy chatting to them.  

Today we had also had Healthwatch Swindon and the Citizens’ Advice Bureau in, so there was plenty to see and the ladies who come in from these outside agencies are always so friendly - and of course, they bring freebies with them.  Like most places, we often struggle to find pens, so it’s good to see that the lady from Healthwatch made sure there were some on every table.  We also had Christmas Word Searches, puzzle books, newspapers and magazines on the tables today, so at one point, near the end of the session, I sat down with one of the men who comes in regularly and enjoyed doing the Word Search with him, and of course, it made a good talking point while we were working out where the various words were.  I was told by this man, that a highlighter pen was the best thing to use, so must make sure I take one in next week!

Today, as well as the clothes table, where those who come into the café can take free items of clothing, we also had a Book Swap and people were encouraged to take whatever books they wanted, read and bring them back - and I guess for people who can’t afford to buy books or don’t have the time to into the town libraries, this could grow - perhaps I can encourage Mr.  HCB to sort out some more of his books - I might even ask if we can take in some of his jigsaw puzzles for people to take home and that would help with my decluttering too!

I know I have said it before, but whoever thinks that being retired is boring?  There are never enough hours in the day for me!  

"Somewhere along the way, 
     we must learn that there is nothing greater 
          than to do something for others." 
Martin Luther King Jr.

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