A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover


After a long, long day of traveling through three different capital cities, we have arrived in Paris and our holidays have begun!

Super early flight from Edinburgh to London this morning had Rory and I up at 3 o'clock this morning. We then rushed from Gatwick to St. Pancras, via platform 9 3/4 and Burger King onto the Eurostar to Paris. We got lost walking to find our hotel; only to be told that there is a metro station about 5 minutes from the hotel.

After checking in, we took the metro to a random stop and accidentally came across the Centre Pompidou and stumbled upon the Notre Dame cathedral when looking for a place for dinner. I loved exploring all the backstreets of Paris, you turn round a corner and there is an incredible and historical building right in front of you! It's insane!

We had a lovely dinner at an italian restaurant and then treated ourselves to some sweets out of a little patisserie, although it didn't end well. Rory got a donut type thing covered in syrup (lovely but so sickly) and I got what looked like brownie but dissolved in your mouth and stuck to the roof of your mouth and tongue.

Rory's only request for the holiday was a cruise down the Sienne, so we did that tonight and it was gorgeous. The buildings in Paris are incredible and so, so beautiful. We timed the cruise perfectly so we got the see the sunset, however, it was dark by the time we caught our first glimpse of the Eiffel tower. Such an incredible monument! I cannot wait to climb it at the weekend!

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