……………………..curtains for Abstract Thursday!

Thankfully after a good nights sleep, I feel much better today…at least I managed to shower and get dressed before lunch time.

An afternoon spent doing a final sort of the office/craft space ready for the furniture delivery. Paperwork all filed, floor space cleared of everything that doesn’t belong there and I fixed the magnetic lock on the cubby hole door (a little cupboard above the staircase and under the eaves)…so hopefully it will stay shut now without propping something against it!

A phone call to Barclays/Reassure to surrender an insurance policy…the phone number I had was out of date but I finally spoke to someone from Barclays mortgage department who went the extra mile to get me the right number and I eventually got things sorted out…an hour of my life I won’t get back though!

A pan of leek and onion soup made for tea and a quiet evening planned.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday.

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