It's been a bit of a dismal day, it rained all night and carried on until about ten o'clock when we thought it had stopped. It hadn't but when it did stop it remained that pale grey with no definition in the sky. 

We drove first to Bunavoneader on the Husinish road. There's the remains of a whaling station there with a tall chimney and some derelict buildings, which although it has a gory history, I thought might make an interesting image in the bleak conditions. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be anywhere to pull off the road to be able to get down there. This is something we've found in many places and is a bit of a shame.  

We drove down the west coast to the saltmarshes at Northton. We'd been there a few days ago when there were some lovely reflections of cows on the other side of the channel and walked up to the marshes. It was only later we realised we were in the wrong place and the shapes were better closer to Northton. It was very wet and I wished I'd had a pair of wellies to get out on the marsh for a better composition. Although I started off low down I soon realised that the shapes stood out better from the roadside where the viewpoint was higher.

We carried on driving and my extra was taken of fishing boats for hire piled up by a small loch near Leverburgh. We had some lunch at The Bothy where we'd had coffee a couple of days ago and after that we headed back to the hotel. We're leaving here tomorrow and will be flying back to Glasgow and then up to Lochaber.

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