Subway Festival...

We spent the day in Glasgow trying to catch some of the Subway Festival in Glasgow with Wee wee Brother TFP.

The company that Wee wee (small small, or younger of my 2 younger brothers, not urinate!) Brother TFP works for actually put on the Subway Festival and he designed all the posters that are made up of the wee white arrow motif.

What we did see was really good but it was a lot more sparse that he imagined it to be. We travelled on a good few trains of which there was meant to be street theatre type entertainment on everyone. We only caught one geezer doing a Rab C Nesbit style drunken philosophising.

That said, of what we did see, it was really good. This was a Breakdancing class that 2 B-Boys from Edinburgh were putting on over in Partick. We caught the tail end of a group called Spinal Chord who were doing free rope acrobats. Tried a bit of mechanical bucking bronco style surfing and had a wee moosh around the fairground at KelvinBridge. Where Bethany and her Uncle got their faces painted into a tiger and a lion, respectively.

Bethany did very well, running all over the place, holding hands when asked and all information suggests Uncle Ali is still kicking around Central Glasgow face painted as a lion.

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