Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The Tiny Tuesday challenge set by MaryElizaR is...." Black and White...find a black and white object - or change something to make it black and white " .  I found something small which was black and white.  Its a little glass cat. I must have had it for over 40 years.  As you can see its rather dusty. ( note to self - give blip objects a clean before blipping them ).

I went to Neils this afternoon to keep Luna company for a couple of hours.  It was raining as I walked from the bus to Neils house.  Luna was in a barky mood today.  But we did have a nice long play before she flopped down for a nap. See Extra of her trying to nap while I'm bothering her by taking a photo.  Rachael was working from home upstairs but we had a catch up when she came down for a break.

When I left Neils it was dark and cold - and still raining.  I headed for Lidl.  I usually go there before going  Neils but its always a quick in and out so today I went afterwards and spent longer looking in every aisle.I got quite a few items - including some to put away for Christmas ( pigs in blankets, stuffing balls, stollen, chocolates, florentines and Christmas pudding).  I also got a Christmas Cactus for just £1.99.  Its got lots of buds so I hope they flower for Christmas.

Steps today - 11,205

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