By PicturePoems

Knit one, hang one

There was a heavy frost overnight and parts of the garden remained white all day. This evening, we managed to squeeze the car into our garage. This will probably prove to be a rare event, but it was satisfying. Will be even more pleasing not to need to scrape the windscreen tomorrow when we go out.

Meanwhile, the knitted tree is up and decorated. It's not exactly an Advent calendar tree yet. For one thing, it only has 11 decorations so far. Might manage one or two more before Christmas, but busy knitting baby stuff at the moment. (The knitted red pot, though successful per se, is too small to support the tree. Maybe next year I'll try again - making it bigger - but for now the tree's standing happily in a heavy dish.) As you see, someone enjoyed offering a helping hand till she decided she'd done enough, so I finished it off. I wouldn't say our house is colder than little Miss B's (it is!) but she kept her hat on! The Young Master lay kicking his legs and watching the goings-on. Very observant, just like his sister.

The upside of freezing temperatures is bright sunshine. Lots of birds on the feeders today, including - for the first time since we moved in, that I've noticed - a goldfinch. Hooray! Variety and Numbers both building up.

Have a great weekend, blipmates. And keep warm! 

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