By ArachneToo


The electrician texted me to say he was at the house 'if there is anything you would like to go through'. Well yes. We'd previously met to look at drawings showing the power and lighting wiring but there was a lot unresolved at that meeting. Since then a partition which, according to the drawing, was going to have sockets and switches on it, has been demolished and I have met with the architect to talk more about lighting and sockets but I feel very uninformed. 

It was a frustrating visit - there was nothing tangible enough to comment on and some of the cabling was already in but I wasn't very sure what it was for or where it was going. 
All I really know about electricity is that before you do anything you switch the power off at the consumer unit. I've managed to rewire a thermostatic valve (five wires) by drawing a picture of what colour went where and following it imbecilicly and I've replaced a standard switch with a dimmer switch but that's my lot. Having been a plumber's mate installing central heating in my very first flat long ago I understand much more about plumbing and what caught my eye in the living room ceiling were not the grey cables but the white water pipes because I knew that there is no reason to have water at the front of the house.

Except it turned out, when I asked the builder, that there is. Even though I do not want radiators and my house will be so well insulated that it will not need radiators, I cannot get the grant towards an air source heat pump (ASHP) unless radiators are installed, so these are the pipes for the radiators that I must have. 

As for the wiring, I think I have to trust the experts. 

Understanding so little about the decisions I have to make and not knowing what questions I need to ask in order to understand is one of the most stressful things of this process.

The underneath of the Victorian floorboards is attractive though!

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