By Joyfullife

Party Watching at The Louvre

Things have much improved for me (and klaus ) here in Paris. My lost luggage arrived and my clothes are hanging in the closet. The sun is shining and I am no longer tired/jet lagged. After a nice buffet breakfast at our hotel, we did Rick Steves' Historic Walking Tour of Paris with our iPhone audios. We then walked back toward the Louvre continuing the Tour Of the Louvre.

I took many photographs and experimented with the camera 'off of automatic', shooting in aperture priority. I felt like Jeff was removing the 'training wheels on my bike'. I can't say I was too happy with the exposures of many of my pics but I am l learning.

I am a party girl so I chose this one pic to Blip that was taken inside the Louvre. It is a mammoth sized painting called "The Marriage at Cana' by the Italian artist Paolo Veronese, 1562-1563. The painting is on the opposite wall from the Mona Lisa. I loved Rick Steves' description in his book of this painting which he describes as "Renaissance optimism--Venetians pictured Christ as a party animal, someone who loved the created world as much as they did".

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