There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Have Yourself a Merry Little . . .

The day found us running errands in town ahead of a big winter storm that was scheduled to arrive Thursday morning, bringing central Pennsylvania a combo of ice and sleet and snow. But after we completed our business, we stopped in the Barrens for a walk on the closed road by the shooting range.

My husband has been experiencing some health issues off and on for the past few weeks, since before Thanksgiving, and this was his first real walk in about a week. So together, we hiked out the dirt road.

I admit I was scanning the treetops for the hawk that I've spotted there before. Our most exciting find of the day was a wee, deceased shrew, not even two inches long. (Not a mark on it, but the state we found it in was clearly "pining for the fjords.")

I found a tiny pine cone, very small, and the Crittergators (who haven't been appearing much on these pages lately, but believe me, they're still around!) decided to come out of their Altoids tin in my camera bag and turn it into a real celebration!

So here is a view of what may be possibly one of the tiniest Christmas celebrations of all. Just four friends and a tree, in the fading light of the day, with their tiny voices raised up in song, making the most beautiful harmonies the Barrens have ever heard!

Here is a thing. There is lots to stress about this season. You may not be having the type of pretty little holiday they show you in the dream books. Things may not be exactly perfect in your world. (They sure haven't been in mine, though I'll do you a favor and spare you the details!) But I hope you find some tiny reason in this season for even the itty-bittiest, tiny little bit of JOY!

My soundtrack song is this one: Judy Garland, with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, from the film Meet Me in St. Louis. I'm also including a bonus link to Faith Hill's lovely Where Are You Christmas, from the Grinch Soundtrack.

Bonus story, from the WalMart parking lot:
My husband and I were walking through the WalMart parking lot on North Atherton, and saw a man loading groceries into his very ultra-tiny, two-seater Smart car. The man was accompanied by a rather large dog, and the dog climbed right into the driver's seat! "I bet you can't fit TWO dogs that size in there!" my husband said to the man, as we walked past. I saw the dog sitting in the driver's seat of the itty bitty car, and automatically said, "I wish I had my camera!" The man turned around and, straight-faced, without missing a beat, said, "He's my service dog. HE does the DRIVING!"
(True story! Best punch line ever from a stranger in a parking lot!)

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