Snow Globe / I Heart Snowstorms!

The wintry weather event they had predicted began before dawn. I heard ice hitting the bedroom window around a quarter to six. There was a bit of snow on the ground already, but the morning spent its time mostly sleeting, which, I'm sorry to say, isn't that pretty at all.

By noon, we'd had our lunch or brunch or whatever, and I was ready to go out and see. But I was pouting, as it was still sleeting or giving us some such nonsensical wintry mix. "I want my money back!" I cried; "This is not the magical Christmassy sort of snow I was promised!"

My husband decided he wanted to come along with me on my walk, and so we put our winter gear on and hiked up Tow Hill to the Barrens. Well, guess what. The instant we put our coats on, the sleet turned to SNOW! And by the time we got to the top of Tow Hill, it was snowing big, fat, beautiful flakes. Hurray!!!

Winter's magic had come upon us, as the place turned into a giant snow globe! In the photo above, you may see the entry road into the gamelands parking lot, covered in snow. And so it was that we two became (as a famous man might have said) self-appointed inspectors of snowstorms!

We continued just a bit further, for there was nobody in the woods but us, of course. For the big storm had shut everything down; all of the local schools and many businesses were closed, and accidents shortly closed some of the major roads in our area, so that you weren't getting in OR out!

I was under my pink umbrella, and the snow was really putting it down good, so I snapped away and took a bunch more photos. In the extras, you may see another favorite shot. If you look closely just below the right middle side of the picture, you'll see a tiny HEART. Yes, it's a snowflake in the shape of a heart!

OOP! And there's a second one, upside-down, to the left middle side. Oh, wait, and a THIRD heart in the top left corner! What a joy to find these surprise elements in my snowstorm. Believe me when I tell you winter is made of pure magic, for the sky was literally throwing hearts my way!

So it was that these two photos became named. The one above is Snow Globe. The one in the extras is called I Heart Snowstorms! I have two pictures, and l'm sensing a heart theme, so let's have two songs that cover that. Here's Bonnie Tyler, with Total Eclipse of the Heart, and also Bryan Adams, with Straight from the Heart.

Thought for the day:
If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow. ~ Anonymous.

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