Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

En pointe

Santa was supposed to be in Wheeler place this afternoon where you could get a photo with Santa and your pet.   We have had mizzle on and off today and although as you can see from the blip, there was no rain, there was also no Santa.  He did a runner I suppose or perhaps was just too busy doing last minute presents.

Anyhoo, Maggy had a bit of a walk around the area and said hello to lots of tiny ballerinas.  There is an eisteddfod tonight.  Maggy was in trouble for nearly removing one of the ballerinas make up after she gave her a kiss.

This is the mural near the University of Newcastle's city campus which we passed on our way back to the car. 

Not much else to report today although thank you to those who wished me luck on the sourdough sortie.   The one I made last night had nice even bubbles but perhaps I didn't cook it long enough as it was a bit chewy.  Nice flavour though.  The one I left proving in the fridge overnight turned out much better and two slices were tested for lunch today.  Both loaves were sliced and put in the freezer and are being saved for Ron.  (That's later on).  They will be fine toasted.

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