Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Heron family day

Today I've been tripping over herons.  First when Hazel and I were coming back from her walk we saw the young heron in the Nuns' Stream, so I quickly collected my camera and raced back out.  It was still there looking, frankly, a touch gormless.  I watched for some time, hoping for a fish-catch blip, but no luck, so I went on to the reserve and found mum (or dad) on the far side of the river - the fishermans' side, appropriately!  See Extras.  I watched him (or her) for a long time too but the fish were a no-show there as well.  You'd have to be very patient to be a well-fed heron!

After that I went into town and failed to buy a jumper, failed to get a decent shot of any of the street musicians and bought a Big Issue off Kev.

My feet are still thawing.  K and I opened the bottle of Christmas sherry and ate all the crisps - tut tut !

PS: Can you see the spider in the main?

Have a good evening, lovely peeps  xx

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