Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

No crib

On Monday I blipped a shepherd from the Cathedral crib.  A few of you asked to see more of the figures so, it seeming appropriate to the day, I went to the cathedral this morning to blip them.  Unfortunately they had disappeared.  They are being used in some of the services and are stacked in odd corners for now.  So instead here you have a shot of the nave looking, I have to say, as warm and colourful as I've ever seen it - quite an achievement in such a vast stone building.

J is now here (with a large dog) so our Christmas has really started.  T will be here in the morning, and K's partner, S, later on in the day.  A houseful.  But all the hard work is done thankfully, now it's just relax and enjoy!

It nearly wasn't though - last night we had a good last-minute panic when the hot water tank started leaking (yes, really!).  However, a lovely plumber called Charlie came out and fixed it, so I can breathe again - phew!

My commenting will be sporadic over the next couple of days, as I guess many people's will be.  So I will say here a gigantic thank you for all your wonderful hearts, stars and lovely comments yesterday and catch up with you over the next 3 or 4 days.

Have a wonderful time, whatever you're doing  xx

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