While on my runs

By waipushrink

The way I had come

The track here is officially known as Exhibition Drive. For many distance runners, the pipe between the road and the bank is why we used to know it as the Pipeline. Our 20 mile plus training runs took us from Owairaka club rooms through various ups and downs into the foothills of the Waitakere Range. 

We would head uphill  by way of Shaw Road or Carter Road if we wanted a slightly shorter route. The real challenge  was the 22 mile course Arthur Lydiard  used which continued uphill on West Coast Road, to join Scenic Drive. The Pipeline was accessed on the way down, and using it cut out multiple ups and downs and as the phot shows it was a calm and restful place.

I have added two extras. The first is a shot of the top of the current main water pipe. also a very peaceful place to run. The second was taken not long before I went out on my jog. A Tui was singing in a tree just outside the front of the A-Frame. My photo caught it clearly singing, beak wide open, and to my ears without sound.

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