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This is a model of an Air France Concorde. I've blipped it before Not Blue and not a bell. This shot is with better light and properly on its stand.

The British Aircraft Corporation/Sud Aviation Concorde is a fascinating aeroplane. It was designed at a time when it was assumed that going faster was the future, rather than going cheaper. Several countries were working on the concept and Britain and France pooled their ideas and resources to win the race with the only viable commercial supersonic airliner, the Americans having given up and the Russian entry not being reliable/safe.

By the time it was complete the oil producing countries had flexed their muscles and the rapacious appetite of the Rolls-Royce Olympus 593 engines and the insufficient range killed the design.

Only a handful were every built and though they did go on to be quite a money spinner for British Airways, the overall project was a failure and a waste of an awful lot of money. However out of the ashes a phoenix did fly and today Airbus is a fantastic example of European cooperation.

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