Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Creatures of habit

I thought it was going to be a sparkling morning, but it wasn't quite up to expectations.  However, having been given the nod a couple of days ago that the deer were back in the reserve, I got up extra early to find them.  And there they were - in just the place I expected - a mother with  older kids, two female and a male wearing velvet on his stumpy antlers.  Later, on the way home for breakfast, I found the kingfisher in his usual place and returning from my mid-morning walk with Hazel, there was the young heron fishing in the Nuns' Stream again.  Birds and animals are just as much creatures of habit as we are.  I had to smile to myself.

The rest of the day's been delightfully quiet and peaceful - one or two minor jobs done and a few chapters read.  Plus, of course, thinking about my mum, whose 97th birthday would have been today.  Happy birthday, Mum..

And wishing a peaceful evening to you all, at this fag end of the year  xx

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