Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2924. Christmas Cards

We actually received post for the first time in two weeks today….I don’t think we have all of the Christmas cards that we’ve been sent just yet, so there should be more to come.  Several of them were posted on the 12th December, 18 days ago!

My hubby finally received a book he ordered on the 30th November, he was told to wait 30 days and then contact the seller, which he did this morning and he was told that several posted on the same day had gone missing but all had eventually arrived before the 25th December.  He’s relieved that it has now arrived as the seller was reluctant to post out a replacement for that, too, to go missing.

I’m still waiting on presents arriving from Australia which apparently arrived in the UK around the 15th December, no idea where they are or when they will arrive….I do think it was pretty poor to only deliver parcels and no letters for two weeks over Christmas and what a waste of money on stamps as these cards will go into the recycling pretty soon as we have taken down our decorations already.

Still feeling pretty grotty with a sore throat and sore joints but thankfully not covid.  My grandson has been poorly with tonsillitis for the past two weeks so I expect whatever bug he had, we now have!

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