Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Christmas Lily

That's not the official name, but it's a lily in my Christmas bouquet.  That makes it a Christmas Lily, right?  Many thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Fridays! :-)

I'm still trying to use my remaining extras, so I've included two today.  The first is my Snow Dog.  She wasn't happy that we started to shovel the deck, so she staked her claim.  As you can see, we didn't have any melting yet.  The second is our neighbor and friend, Lisa.  I called to ask if I could borrow oil for a cake I was baking, and she came right over with her bottle.  She wouldn't come in because she didn't want to take off her boots, so we had a conversation on the stairs.  She's very animated and was moving her arms around while holding the bottle of oil.  I had to snap a photo with my phone. :-)  I still have 10 extras left.  I've learned in previous years that they roll over at 5 PM my time on the 31st, so I'll have to blip early and add 10 extras.  Lol, I doubt if either of those things will happen.

All Christmas decorations have been moved to the storage room - not put away, just moved where I can't see them for now.  We'll put them all away some snowy day.  It's so nice to have my house back to normal!

I am grateful that I only have a few more hours of desk work to do tomorrow, and then I'll be all caught up!  I got some fun things for Christmas that I've barely had time to look at.  They will be blipped. :-)

Thanks to everyone for your visits and thank you for all the stars and hearts for my happy snow dog yesterday!  

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