The time to get them down.

Never too sure if the ‘decorations’ should come down on the last day of Yuletide, or the day after.  To be honest in past years they have come down days after when I’ve plucked up the energy.
Anyway, they are all packed up, and now in the loft ready for next year.
I did take a shot of the morning sun on the willow just after I got up (about 9.30), and that is at ‘extras’, mainly because now I’ve got some I may as well use one.
The Zoom ‘New Year’s Party’ was still going strong this morning, so I dropped in at the end to wish them all a ‘happy new year’, and to be the first to wish them ‘Happy Christmas 2023’.  They saw the new year in in all the time zones.
Just left for me to wish you all a Happy New Year.
Ps – oops, I have left the Christmas Cards up, not finished yet then . . .

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