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By Wendles56

Removing Christmas

It was the turn of the Christmas Window to go this morning so it was out with the stepladder and the bucket of floor cleaner and it was done in half an hour or so, much to the dismay of passing neighbours.   It's been a morning of jobs.  I'm going to stop listening to the weather forecast and hang a bit of seaweed out of the back door!  I'd just put in a load of washing when the drizzle arrived, so it's in to the study with the dehumidifier!

Next on the list were filling the bird feeders, cleaning the birdbath, scrubbing the lid of the recycling bin (which was a disgrace thanks to the birds waiting their turn on the feeders sitting above it!) and then I was off to the village to post Euan's letter; buy some stamps; order a box of birthday treats from the bakery (Closed!) and on to the garden centre for presents and card for a Hobbler pal.

A message arrived from Tony, did I want sausage rolls putting in the oven for lunch? 

After lunch I have been very good at doing some recorder practise.  I'm really enjoying The Blind Harpist and the new piece, John Drury, but I do have to work on my breathing and tone.  After catching up on blips I plan on an hour working on knitting Euan's Clanger - always lovely when childhood favourites stand the test of time.  I'm watching the new version as I type so that I can hold a conversation with Euan when we are down next time.

Later I'm going to test out the sore ribs with a gentle hobble with Hobbler pals.

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