By Pinkhairedlady

Not the best sleep

Slept with Phin in the spare room last night as we noticed he was limping a bit when he came home from daycare and on inspecting his paws realised his right hind paw pad looked a bit sore. Keeping him with me meant I could stop him licking it through the night. I called the vets when we woke up and they had a space just after 12. We didn’t walk him, just let him out in the garden.

The vet was lovely (as per usual) and diagnosed a torn pad. Unfortunately it can’t be treated except by rest and washing twice a day in antiseptic shampoo. She even advised that I would be cheaper to buy the shampoo from Amazon. She did give me a small amount away in a wee sample bottle to get us started.

Phin was so good having his paw washed and covered in sudocrem but perhaps the wee painkiller the vet prescribed helped!

He’s been quite slow and sleepy which has made me very lazy today too.

Decided to start a jigsaw which has been stuck in a cupboard for ages. Think it’s going to be a little challenging!

Steak and chips for dinner was delicious and hit the spot.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

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