I Witness

By KangaZu

Sunday ...

... walk in the park.

After lunch today we went up to Jacobsburg State Park for our walk.  We thought about returning to Mill Race Park (see yesterday) to explore more of the pathway but Jacobsburg won out in the end.  It had been a while since we walked Sobers Run so we were looking forward to it.  

The trail was mostly dry but we weren't able to walk as far as we normally do on account of a big muddy spot that we didn't want to navigate around.  But it was still nice to be out.  Jacobsburg is one of the few parks that allow dogs so we typically see several during our walk.  Today was no exception to that rule. 

After walking along Sobers Run we stopped at the bird blind/frog pond area of Jacobsburg to check things out.  Obviously there are no frogs out this time of year ... the pond was partially frozen.  However, we were happy to see that the feeders at the bird blind were well stocked with seeds and such.  We saw several different species of birds enjoying the feast.

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