I Witness

By KangaZu

Lehigh Valley Zoo ...

... Mexican Gray Wolf. 

Even though it was cold today we went to the LV Zoo because we were going to be on that side of town.  

But I think the cold helped us in a way because the zoo wasn't busy at all and the Mexican gray wolves were down in their enclosure where we could see them.  We spent lots of time photographing the three wolves as they played in the snow and ice ... to the tune of 125 pictures taken just by me! 

We continued through the zoo getting in a nice walk in the process.  And lots more photos, of course.  On our way out we wanted to drive through the ford but it was closed ... probably due to the recent snow/ice.  This turned out in our favor as we had to take the normal exit out along Elk Ridge Trail.  And as we were driving along this roadway I spotted a belted kingfisher!  

He wasn't in the best location for photos at first but then he was spooked by people walking by and he flew in our direction.  I didn't even have to get out of the car ... which again worked in our favor ... to get some pictures.  I switched lenses to the 600mm and was pleased to get some decent shots ... please see extra. 

We returned home via the grocery store and were in for the remainder of the day. 

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