Sock Monkey Gets a New Career as Pole Dancer

The day had finally come: it was time to take down the big Christmas tree by the deck doors. I assembled the crew, so they could watch and not be startled by the whole "finding out the tree came down, and wondering who stole it" sort of experience. Which can be traumatic, as we all know.

T. Tiger and his pals were with me, and as I took the tree apart and put it in its box, bit by bit, Sock Monkey realized an opportunity and took it! He began pole dancing with the very last part of the tree. I think he shows some real talent for it! Don't you? Look at those moves!

My soundtrack song is this one: Come Dancing, by the Kinks.

P.S. The admission. Now, it is indeed true that I have done some Christmas tree dancing in my day, but nothing quite as exotic as this. My own most recent Christmas tree dancing efforts involved gyrating in front of the fully decorated and well lit tree, wearing nothing but a pair of black fishnet stockings and a smile, while eating a warm, freshly iced cinnamon roll. Ahem, which is a way of saying that I may have been a poor influence on this Sock Monkey, who knows?  Hey, let's not be judgy. You celebrate Christmas how YOU like, and WE will celebrate it how WE like, here.  ;-)

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