All dressed up & nowhere to go

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Considering the conditions today - a fortnights worth of rain in one day - this I'm rather happy with. I found the lens hood, wrapped my camera in a plastic bag & battled the rain to find a blip! I was lucky. But then these daisies are so beautiful in the wet & in the dry. I'm glad of drip blips!

And Larry? Poor thing:

Raincoat wearing thin

I don't think I've seen so much rain fall in one day! And every time I prepared to go out, it just rained harder. I did do the gym, or let's say, the gym did me! Came home & started to go through the 4 nights of hedgehog films I had captured with my nature cam... now I need to edit them & upload them to youtube! Never ending! :) xxx (I need to do some art work too soon!)

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