There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

My Favorite Pond in the Scotia Barrens

Freeze and thaw.
Freeze and thaw again.
That's what it's like to be a vernal pond in the Scotia Barrens.

When it's frozen, I take pictures of the ice. When it's liquid, I like to use the water as my landscape mirror, seeking out reflections. This is pond #1. I often visit it and pond #2. Pond #3 is a bit further up and I don't get there as often. I know there are many more ponds in the Barrens, but these three are the ones I know best and photograph most often.

I joke with my Facebook friends that it is useful being friends with me, for you never need wonder what the status is of the ponds in the Barrens! For I visit them every few days. Aren't these things people need to know?

While walking along the edge, I thought I saw a jump or two, but I couldn't be sure. There were ripples on the water that could have been water droplets dropping. Or is new amphibian life squirming around in there? And soon, oh soon, they will begin raising a ruckus with their song. What a beautiful noise! Hooray for the vernal ponds of the Scotia Barrens!

Now, I need a soundtrack song, and I think I've found a perfect one. Here's a video featuring someone I know personally and used to work with, who has a great voice. Her name is Kate Twoey, and around central Pennsylvania, she sings as part of the musical duo Pure Cane Sugar. In this video, Kate sings with Brandi Carlile: A Beautiful Noise; some lyrics appear below. Wasn't that just gorgeous? (You may find more of Kate's music here.)

I have a voice
Started out a whisper, turned into a scream
Made a beautiful noise
Shoulder to shoulder, marching in the street
When you're all alone, it's a quiet breeze
But when you band together, it's a choir
Of thunder and rain
Now we have a choice
'Cause I have a voice

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