Lilac Blossom

Left the house this morning for work and it wasn't at all warm. At least it wasn't raining and I was able to grab this blip of some lilac over hanging the pavement on my way though town.

Work was so-so, got something done but not enough for me to be happy.

I wasn't so lucky on the way home, it's been raining for a while so my morning blip is all I have.

I did pop into a shop to get some toothpaste and I was quite surprised when the till showed the price as 38p not the £3.79 that I was expecting. The child* on the till didn't even blink, so I thought they are a mega corporation and are an utter pain to deal with when it's an error in their favour so I'll just smile and pay the 38p...

* I say child, I'm sure she was actually over 16 but she didn't look old enough to be in secondary school, let alone working in a shop at 5pm.. I suppose that means I must be getting old!

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