Today blip's title has a double meaning. The obvious meaning is the new Clematis montana flower that is about to explode. The second meaning is that it's my first blip on my new compact camera.

Even though I really wanted a retro/rangefinder camera such as the Canon PowerShot G15 or similar, I couldn't justify that one. In the end I settled for a Canon PowerShot S110. It's not what I really want but it's a better fit to what I need. I need a compact camera that is actually compact so I can cart it all over the place and I doesn't require an overdraft to buy. For serious pictures I have a half decent SLR and selection of lenses but for everything thing else I need something compact. My previous Canon PowerShot A480 is really good as a compact camera that is cheap and I don't care if it get's lost/stolen but I wanted something with a bit better optics and larger sensor. Well that's my justification anyway...!

The only problem I have with it at the moment is that ufraw, the standard import filter for GIMP for the raw file format doesn't understand it properly. The latest version does but I don't have that yet in Debian GNU/Linux 7.0. Opensource is great but sometimes there is a lag when stuff comes out and when it arrives.

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