Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Clear Air

Although it's Tuesday this is a day for big blips I feel. Looking west towards snow covered Ben Vorlich and Stùc a' Chròin.

After a zoom chat with three of my five friends this morning I decided to go out for a walk with a reliable view. One of my friends couldn't make it today because she has a difficult family situation on the go. Things have changed so rapidly for her - one of those things that reminds you to seize the day. So rather than kick about locally I did a good circuit at Borrowmeadow and did indeed have a choice of lovely views.

Swimming yesterday was a success and I was very impressed by my grandson's confidence and competence in the pool. I wanted to get out long before he did but he was good about it. We had a snack watching people scale the climbing wall.

I'll be at Tuesday yoga later and hope I can do a bit more at the class than I managed last week. Then there was definitely more lying down than the teacher intended but I'm sure I'll be following her instruction to the letter today.

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