I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 469 ...

... Light and/or dark.

I thought I had my perfect light/dark photo taken early this morning of Kiera (dark) in her light colored cuddler.   I was all set to use one of those pictures.  

But then on our lunch time walk at Housenick park I was peering through the windows into the dark house.  On the opposite side of the room was another window with the light from outside shining through.  I really liked the high contrast of light and dark.  The image through the window is slightly distorted due to the old window pane glass ... which could be original to the house being built in the early 1920's. 

I've added an Extra photo of a lovely male red-bellied woodpecker that we spotted on our birch tree this morning.  In keeping with Mono Monday I've converted to mono ... masking out his beautiful red head. 

Thanks go to Skeena for hosting Mono Monday this month.  Please take a look at these in gallery view.

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